Level crossing warning system

The Level Crossing Warning System (LCWS) is an end-to-end SIL 2 certified product that detects approaching trains using SIL 4 certified acoustic sensors. The acoustic sensors are mounted on the rails and listen for the distinct sound waves generated by approaching trains. The digital data is analysed by a nearby Control Unit, which activates the customer’s preferred warning devices at the appropriate time.


All components of the LCWS are installed at the the level crossing site, thereby reducing cabling compared to competing systems. This makes the LCWS quick to install and easy to maintain, all at a minimal life-cycle cost.
product illustration


SIL 2 certified by Lloyd’s Register
Reduced life cycle cost
Rapid deployment – no cabling along the tracks
Full system redundancy
24h battery backup
Recordings of all train passes and system events  can be downloaded remotely
Fully autonomus operation
Another train coming functionality for single and doubletrack locations
Fail safe state track locations



The redundancy of the system is ensured by two separate Control Units each receiving data from two sensors per rail.

schematic view

A schematic view of a single track system is shown in the figure above.

A single sensor is sufficient to initiate the warning sequence, and a Control Unit determines the direction of the train and identifies when the train has passed the crossing. The system contains Another Train Coming functionality for single and double track locations.

The LCWS is developed according to CENELEC EN50126, EN50128, EN50129, and IEC61508, and is certified to SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) by Lloyd’s Register.






Product descriprion : LCWS Product sheet


TOTAL SYSTEM Safety Integrity level 2 :Wavetrain SIL2-certificate LCWS version 1.4 System

SENSOR Safety Integrity level 4:Wavetrain SIL4-certificate LCWS 1.4 Sensor Unit